Facebook and Hartford Government

Thanks to Town Clerk Denise Petteys, the Town of Hartford Government now has a Facebook page. Check it out at “Town of Hartford”.

Hartford Memorial Day Parade 2011

This year’s Memorial Day Parade was once again very nice with a small town touch.  President Abraham Lincoln once again graced us with his Gettysburg Adress Speech and this year we had the Adirondack Pipes & Drums Band.

Here is the speech that I gave at the War Monument in the center of Main Street:

“Memorial Day is the time for Americans to reconnect with their history and core values by honoring those brave American Service members who gave their lives in battle for the ideals we cherish.

More than a million American service members died in the wars and conflicts this nation fought since the first Colonial soldiers took up arms in 1775 to fight for our independence.

This year marks the 150th anniversary of Fort Sumpter and the start of the Civil War.

We should be proud of the fact that Hartford is the only town in New York that has managed to keep and preserve its historic Civil War Enlistment center.

This center is the last one standing in all of New York State. This small building is where brave Hartford men volunteered and enlisted in the war effort before marching over the mountains thru Hebron to catch the army train in Salem.

This Civil War Enlistment Center is maintained by the Hartford Historical Society. It is located just up the street next to the museum and is open today for visitors and donations.

America would be a much different place today if our rights and freedoms were not supported and defended by the valor of American blood and sacrifice.

Thank You”

Americade returning to Hartford

For the second year in a row Americade will include Hartford for its Americade Scavenger Hunt motorcycle run. During the week of June 6-10, bikers will roll thru town and stop at three businesses to get a card stamped.

The three businesses this year will be; Lulu’s Family Diner on Route 40, As Time Goes By Country Home Decor Gift Shop on County Route 23 Main Street, and Cria-tions Alpaca Farm on the corner of Shine Hill Rd and North Rd.

This scavenger hunt is designed to get the riders off their bikes to check out local businesses instead of just roaring thru town.

Hartford School Budget Public Hearing vs. Town Board Meeting

Every year, the Hartford School Budget Public Hearing is the same date and time as the May Town Board meeting.  People cannot be at two places at the same time.  Once, a couple of years ago in May, Phil Gibson complained that the Town Board meeting was at the same time as the School Public Hearing.  I thought he had a valid point. 

Last year, since I was now Supervisor, I was unable to go to the School Budget Public Hearing. School Superintendent Tom Abraham Told me that only one person showed up and did not have many questions.  I feel it is very important for the tax paying citizens to be aware of what the budget process involves and to take part in it.

The school budget is almost 9 times the size of the Town Budget.

At our last Town Board meeting I brought up the idea of rescheduling our May Town Board meeting to another day.  The Town Board decided to move its Town Board meeting date to the next Tuesday which is May 17th.

So, on Tuesday night, May 10th you can go to the School Budget Public Hearing and participate, then come to the town Board meeting the next week.

Hartford’s Food Pantry

In today’s Post Star newspaper, the editors gave the students at Hartford Central School a “Bravo” for their efforts in raising over 477 pounds of food for the Hartford Food Pantry. The FFA club at the school organized the effort and it is much appreciated by the Town, Pantry, and persons in need.

This Sunday, resident Pete Klaiber who helps run the pantry out of the Baptist Church, attended the Methodist Church services and gave a food pantry report.  His report included the following info;

The food pantry has come a long way since opening its doors in Jan 2002.  That first year had some wooden shelving donated in a small room in back of the church and served a mere 120 people consisting of 36 households. In fact, so few people came that first year that Pete wondered if it was worth the effort.

Through the years the number of clients has gradually increased almost twelve fold to the point where last year the Pantry served 1,410 persons consisting of 464 households.

The Pantry continues to be well supported by the community churches as well as the surrounding organizations and individuals throughout the town and county.

One corporate supporter is Irving Tissue in Ft. Edward. Most all of the clients that come to the Pantry are also eligible for Food Stamps, but you cannot buy toilet tissue, soap, etc with Food Stamps. Irving has made multiple donations of large factory cases of toilet paper, paper towels, and Kleenex. Last month the Pantry got a check from them for $500 as well. 

Residents Harrison Cornell, Jean Aubrey, Arlene Ingersol, John & Mary Fox, Pete Klaiber, and Pastor Mike have all generously donated their time and effort in making the Pantry the success that it is. Keith and Marlene Brynes (thru Keith’s business) continue their very generous donation of bread and bread products each day the Pantry is open.

The Pantry also accepts cash donations. For every $1 they take in, the Pantry can purchase $12 worth of food from the Regional Food Bank.

The Pantry is open every other Saturday from 9am till 1030am. In these times of economic trouble and a very tough winter, any money saved by the clients in getting food could then go towards buying heat for the home.

If you can find it in you, please donate to the pantry so that some poor soul will not have to go to bed both cold and hungry.

Steering Committee appointed for Hartford’s Develpment Corp.

The Hartford Town Board has appointed seven persons to serve on a Steering Committee that will work on creating either an Economic Development Corp (EDC) or a Local Development Corp (LDC).

A Hartford Development Corp would be focused on enticing beneficial businesses into town, or encourage and assist citizens of the town in starting a business. New businesses in town will increase our local employment and increase our tax base. 

The Steering Committee members are; Emily Oswald, Michael Deyoe, Paul Miller, Ron Smith, Ron Combs, Steve Forbes, and Bill Donaldson.

An EDC or LDC are very similar in nature but with some minor differences. This Steering Committee with work with the Town Attorney thru workshops, etc to create a Development Corp and advise the Town in the direction to go. The first workshop will take place on 4/5/11.

Once a Development Corp. has been formed, members of this steering committee would be eligible to be appointed as its Board of Directors.

This Development Corp. would be a quasi-governmental type. This means that the Town Board would appoint the Development Board of Directors and provide funding to operate.

Hartford Farmers’ Market weblog site

The Hartford Farmers’ Market now has a weblog site where you can search for info and download application forms. The forms also include a listing of what type of permits and licenses the State requires to vend various types of food in case you were ever curious. Some forms of food require no permits at all from the State.

The site to visit is www.hartfordfarmersmarket.com  

The market is still accepting vendors for the 2011 season which will run on Saturdays from 9am till 1pm mid-May to mid-Oct.

Benefit Spaghetti Dinner

Hi all, since posting the below info, I have heard that the location of the dinner has been moved to the Fire House. This was done to accomodate the number of people interested since the Fire House can seat a lot more than Lulu’s.  Dana

A Benefit Spaghetti Dinner (eat in or take out) will be held at LuLu’s Diner, State Route 40, Hartford, NY on Monday Feb. 7th @ 5pm.

The dinner is to benefit Lori Hilder who is suffering from throat cancer and has to undergo treatment.

The dinner is $7 and includes: Spaghetti & Meatballs, Salad, and Bread.

There will also be a 50/50 raffle and a small Basket Party to help raise money.

I plan to both eat in and get take-out.

Where your County Tax Dollars go

The tax levy for the Washington County 2011 budget is $28,174,442.

For every $100 of the county taxes that you pay, here is the breakdown of where most of the money goes;

Medicaid $23, Highway $11.80, County Jail $10.95, Social Services $10.63, Sheriff $7.39, Public Health $3.60, Buildings and Grounds $3.40, Handicapped Children $3.05, Higher Education (2 year college) $2.84, Emergency Services 911 center $2.49, Retiree Health Insurance $2.13, Information Technology $2.11, Probation $1.84, District Attorney $1.50, Public Defender $1.20. 

 This equals $88 or 88% of the budget. The remainder 34 categories represent 12% of the budget and are all less that $1 so I did not bother to list them.

Free Tax Return Preparation available for low to moderate income families

Washington County Economic Opportunity Council (EOC) is offering free Tax Return Preparation services for low to moderate income county residents who are not self employed and who’s family income is below $49,000. 

The program is called VITA which stands for Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program.

In 2010, 749 Tax Prep appointments were conducted equalling 1013 hours worked with returns totalling $1,637,000.  The volunteer tax preparers are all IRS certified and must complete and pass a test annually.

The volunteer preparers will sit down with you and explain the whole tax return preparation with you. Your Federal and State tax return will be prepared free of charge. They can even file your return electronically.

To make an appointment for your free tax prep., please call the Washington County Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program 1-800-211-5128 Monday thru Friday, 9am to 3pm.