Steering Committee appointed for Hartford’s Develpment Corp.

The Hartford Town Board has appointed seven persons to serve on a Steering Committee that will work on creating either an Economic Development Corp (EDC) or a Local Development Corp (LDC).

A Hartford Development Corp would be focused on enticing beneficial businesses into town, or encourage and assist citizens of the town in starting a business. New businesses in town will increase our local employment and increase our tax base. 

The Steering Committee members are; Emily Oswald, Michael Deyoe, Paul Miller, Ron Smith, Ron Combs, Steve Forbes, and Bill Donaldson.

An EDC or LDC are very similar in nature but with some minor differences. This Steering Committee with work with the Town Attorney thru workshops, etc to create a Development Corp and advise the Town in the direction to go. The first workshop will take place on 4/5/11.

Once a Development Corp. has been formed, members of this steering committee would be eligible to be appointed as its Board of Directors.

This Development Corp. would be a quasi-governmental type. This means that the Town Board would appoint the Development Board of Directors and provide funding to operate.

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