Hartford School Budget Public Hearing vs. Town Board Meeting

Every year, the Hartford School Budget Public Hearing is the same date and time as the May Town Board meeting.  People cannot be at two places at the same time.  Once, a couple of years ago in May, Phil Gibson complained that the Town Board meeting was at the same time as the School Public Hearing.  I thought he had a valid point. 

Last year, since I was now Supervisor, I was unable to go to the School Budget Public Hearing. School Superintendent Tom Abraham Told me that only one person showed up and did not have many questions.  I feel it is very important for the tax paying citizens to be aware of what the budget process involves and to take part in it.

The school budget is almost 9 times the size of the Town Budget.

At our last Town Board meeting I brought up the idea of rescheduling our May Town Board meeting to another day.  The Town Board decided to move its Town Board meeting date to the next Tuesday which is May 17th.

So, on Tuesday night, May 10th you can go to the School Budget Public Hearing and participate, then come to the town Board meeting the next week.