Enforcement Officer

Mark Miller
Enforcement Officer

Hours: By Appointment
Office: (518) 632-9151

Fax: (518) 632-9280

Cell: (518) 796-0103

The Enforcement Officer (EO) of the Town of Hartford is appointed by the Town Board and serves at the pleasure of the same.

Fee Schedule

The duties and responsibilities of the Enforcement Officer are as follows:

*Enforce the Town of Hartford Local Laws and Ordinances and issue citations, as applicable.

*Respond to and inspect and investigate complaints arising out of alleged violations of the Town of Hartford Local Laws and Ordinances and carry out all related enforcement and procedural actions related to such inspections.

*Review and sign, as applicable, building permit applications and other applicable forms to enable Town residents to obtain the necessary building permits and certificates of compliance or certificates of occupancy from Washington County.

*Conduct reasonable inspections during construction of projects in the Town to verify that the project is constructed in accordance with the approved plans, if applicable, and conduct a final inspection of the completed project and execute any necessary forms or explain to the applicant the reasons why the project cannot be signed off on.

*Maintain records on all investigations, inspections and building permits.

*Coordinate with the Town Supervisor and Board, Planning Board, Town Assessor, Town Court, Washington County Code Enforcement Office, and Washington County Real Property Office on enforcement issues and procedures.

The Enforcement Officer shall use his own vehicle for all necessary transportation associated with his appointment as EO for use in traveling to and from those locations where he shall be conducting inspections and related official duties. Mileage for such travel shall be paid at the rate per mile, as set from time to time by the Town Board. Any other out of pocket expenses incurred by the EO for items related to employment but not associated with transportation and/or travel shall be reimbursed upon approval of the Town Board.