Hartford’s Food Pantry

In today’s Post Star newspaper, the editors gave the students at Hartford Central School a “Bravo” for their efforts in raising over 477 pounds of food for the Hartford Food Pantry. The FFA club at the school organized the effort and it is much appreciated by the Town, Pantry, and persons in need.

This Sunday, resident Pete Klaiber who helps run the pantry out of the Baptist Church, attended the Methodist Church services and gave a food pantry report.  His report included the following info;

The food pantry has come a long way since opening its doors in Jan 2002.  That first year had some wooden shelving donated in a small room in back of the church and served a mere 120 people consisting of 36 households. In fact, so few people came that first year that Pete wondered if it was worth the effort.

Through the years the number of clients has gradually increased almost twelve fold to the point where last year the Pantry served 1,410 persons consisting of 464 households.

The Pantry continues to be well supported by the community churches as well as the surrounding organizations and individuals throughout the town and county.

One corporate supporter is Irving Tissue in Ft. Edward. Most all of the clients that come to the Pantry are also eligible for Food Stamps, but you cannot buy toilet tissue, soap, etc with Food Stamps. Irving has made multiple donations of large factory cases of toilet paper, paper towels, and Kleenex. Last month the Pantry got a check from them for $500 as well. 

Residents Harrison Cornell, Jean Aubrey, Arlene Ingersol, John & Mary Fox, Pete Klaiber, and Pastor Mike have all generously donated their time and effort in making the Pantry the success that it is. Keith and Marlene Brynes (thru Keith’s business) continue their very generous donation of bread and bread products each day the Pantry is open.

The Pantry also accepts cash donations. For every $1 they take in, the Pantry can purchase $12 worth of food from the Regional Food Bank.

The Pantry is open every other Saturday from 9am till 1030am. In these times of economic trouble and a very tough winter, any money saved by the clients in getting food could then go towards buying heat for the home.

If you can find it in you, please donate to the pantry so that some poor soul will not have to go to bed both cold and hungry.

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