New Speed limits on Rowe Hill Rd, Wright Rd, & Blood St.

Highway Superintendent Greg Brown requested that NYSDOT review three Hartford town roads to reduce the speed limit as a result of requests from residents.

The State has completed its review and has determined that a reduction in the speed limit down to 40 mph is warranted for;

Rowe Hill between State Route 40 to County Route 30.

Wright Rd between County Route 23 (Main St) and Warren Rd.

Blood St. between State Route 149 and Burch Rd.

The town will order traffic signs and install them when they come in.


2 Responses to “New Speed limits on Rowe Hill Rd, Wright Rd, & Blood St.”

  1. Gerry Capone

    Praise be to the residents of Blood St., Wright Road, and Rowe Hill for taking the lower speed limit initiative. These roads or sections of roads will undoubtedly be safer, quieter, and more livable.

    Would that the speed limit on route 149 between route 40 and route 22 would drop to 50 mph (as in all of Vermont). It has too many hills, too many curves, too many intersections, and too little shoulder. And to boot all the speedies love it–and of course all the east-west through drivers too.

    I can still recall the gas crisis years when the national maximum speed was set at 55mph–and how subsequently the death toll from our nation’s highways made an incredible drop. There are just way more driver options at lower speeds. And today we need those options given all the techy stuff distracting the hell out of the oh so confident drivers.

    • supervisor

      Gerry, even to reduce limits on Town Roads it still involves the state. We cannot just do it on our own. It has to be warranted from a public safety point of view and not just reduced to create a revenue generating “speed trap”. Dana