Hartford is going to the dogs

Issues relating to dogs in the town, whether they be lost, stray, nuisance complaints, etc. easily make up the majority of the calls that I receive as Supervisor.

The Town contracts with trained Dog Control Officers from Cossayuna to handle these issues. They are Ed Holland and Nancy Quell 692-2840.

In this age of modern communication (if you are lucky enough to have a cell signal or internet connection other than dial up), facebook is now becoming the preferred form of instant contact since many smart phones are capable of getting instant facebook updates.

The Town’s Dog Control Officer has a facebook page called “Municipal Dogcontrol”.

I would suggest if you have a dog, and have a facebook account to “friend” this page. If your dog happens to become lost or a stray wanders into your yard, a posting on this page will get your message out to a lot of local facebook people instantly.

When a dog is lost, time is of the essence and social media can really help. There is probably no faster method than this because these people can then re-post again on their page so their facebook friends can see it to. Within minutes hundreds of people will know.

Please fwd this email to those that you think are interested.