Car 34 where are you?

I am not old enough to remember the TV sitcom “Car 54 where are you?” but I admit that I am old enough to know that there was such a show staring Fred Gwynne. Fred later went on to became Herman Munster.

For $1, the Hartford Volunteer Fire Company will soon have a new car. It is a 2006 Crown Victoria which was recently Washington County Sheriff Deputy car #312.  A resolution, voted upon by the Washington County Board of Supervisors was approved today to do this.

Hartford’s designation, as assigned by the county is “34”. All the Hartford fire vehicle ID numbers start with “34” (#343, #346, etc.)  This new vehicle will be called the “Department Car” and carry the designator #34.

This car was in the process of being stripped to send to the auto auction but I was able to pounce upon it and put a dibs on it for Hartford. It has over 100,000 miles but is still in decent shape and will lend itself to be an asset to the HVFC.

I don’t envision that the Fire Chief will roar up to a fire in an shiny car with lights and siren wailing. Instead, the members, when traveling to training or offsite meetings will not have to drive personal vehicles using personal gasoline.

The members of the Fire Company are all volunteers. They do not receive salaries or monetary compensation for jumping out of bed at 3am and risking their lives protecting our lives and property so it is the least we can do to provide them with halfway decent equipment. Hopefully this ex-cop car will make their lives easier and mitigate some out of pocket expenses.

I’d like to thank the Wash. County Sheriff’s office, Wash. County DPW, Wash. County Public Safety Committee, Wash. County Finance Committee, and the Board of Supervisor’s Clerk for assisting me in this endeavor.


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