Hartford has a new Sole Assessor

Hartford’s long serving Assessor, Nancy Strong will retire from the position effective 9/30/10.

The Town Board solicited applications and conducted 7 interviews for the position. We had some very qualified candidates apply and in the end chose Ms. Sandra (Hanna) Foley of Ticonderoga.

Bill McCarty, Director of Wash. County Real Property Tax Services, and Nancy Strong both attended the interview session and assisted the town board during the interview process. This was very generous of them and much appreciated by the Town Board.

Sandy has an extensive public relations background from when she worked with Niagara Mohawk and has current real property appraisal experience. Sandy also serves on the Ticonderoga Board of Assessment Review so she knows what it is like to be confronted by disgruntled property owners unhappy with their assessments. Plus, since she grew up in Hartford as Gordon’s and Edna’s daughter she already has broad based knowledge of the local road system and where each section of town is located.

Sandy will still need to be approved by the State before we can officially hire her as our Sole Assessor effective 10/1/10. Once Officially hired Sandy will take courses offered by the County and State in order to become a Certified Assessor.  

Both the State and County recommend that the Sole Assessor have an office space in the Town Hall and regular scheduled office hours in the Town Hall in order to be readily assessable to the public. We have a “snug” space in the town hall that we can set up with a desk and file cabinets for Sandy’s use. We will ask that Sandy pick 1 day a week to come into the town hall and attend her office.  


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