Hartford Farmers’ Market has a new home.

The Hartford Farmers’ Market has a new home for the 2011 season. The 2011 season will be the Grand Opening season and will now be located next door to the Stewart’s Shop, at the old Meme and Papa’s Icecream shop. The old Meme and Papa’s Icecream shop is the Regional District Headquarters for Stewarts.

Market Manager Pat Imbimbo and myself walked the property today with Stewart’s District Manager Mark Bruno to work out the fine details. Stewarts is being very cooperative and acting in a very beneficial manner to the Hartford community.

This location is on the short stretch of highway where State Route 40 and State Route 149 share the same roadway. A recent traffic pattern study indicates that over 5,000 cars a day travel this section of highway.

You really could not ask for a better location to hold a Farmers’ Market. The building and grounds are very attractive.

The Market’s operating days will now be held on Saturdays from 9am till 1pm from mid-May to mid-Oct. 2011

Originally, the Market was to open this year and be located at the Hartford Firehouse on Sundays. The Market started looking for vendors in March which turned out to be too late to solicit vendors. A lack of vendors made the Market decide to hold off for a year and get a huge headstart on getting vendors to committ for 2011.

This change of venue also allows the Market to change the day from a Sunday to a Saturday.

Saturdays are the most popular Farmers’ Market day, so this 1 year delay and change of location may actually work out as a win win for Hartford, Buy Local, and the Market. Plus, Stewarts should see a lot of walk over business from the Market to help their sales as well.

U.S. Senator Gillibrand was very helpful and wrote a letter to the President of Stewarts encouraging the idea that the Market locate at their building.

Hartford citizen Theresa Streit  was instrumental in keeping in contact with Mr. Tom Mailey at Stewart’s corporate offices.

Assemblyman Tony Jordan is keeping alive the member item request in the amount of $1,500 if and when the State Budget ever gets finalized.

The future for the Hartford Farmers’ Market now looks very promising and will be a wonderful “Buy Local” experience and destination in the Town of Hartford for a Saturday.


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