2014 Town of Hartford Preliminary Budget

The 2014 Preliminary Budget for the Town of Hartford has been completed and approved by the Hartford Town Board.

This Preliminary Budget will be subject to a Public Hearing at the 10/8/13 7pm Town Board meeting and if approved a second time by the town board, it will become the adopted budget.

The budget this year, if adopted in its current form will call for a ZERO percent increase in the Townwide tax levy over last year.

Last year’s Town tax levy had a 0.9% increase, so you can see that the Town of Hartford works hard to keep the tax levy as low as possible while still affording the Town with enough funds to function and provide the needed services.

The Town is very frugal in spending the money allocated in the budget. We don’t spend money allocated unless we really have to and any savings from one year rolls over into the next which helps to offset the next year’s tax levy.

A good example of this is the newly built salt storage barn located behind the Town Hall that has 300 tons of highway salt in it. $28,000 was allocated in the 2013 budget for this Capital project but because it was built on weekends with volunteers we were able to build it for half that price.


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