Transfer Station update

As of 4/22/13, Earth Waste & Metal will operate the 5 facilities 6 days per week.
M-F 8am-4pm and Sat 8am-1pm

For the first 30 days of operations a County worker will be onsite with the new private employees to act as a transition person and also to collect the stickers.

You will still be able to use the stickers for full face value, same price as before on your bags until they run out. One sticker $2.25 per bag as current price.

The stations want to use up these stickers quickly so if you have extra stickers in your hand they want you to redeem them at the stations and will pay you cash for them. For example if you show up with 10 extra stickers in your hand a worker will give you $22.50 cash.

Or you can go to the WashCo Treasurer’s office and also redeem them for face value. There is no expiration at the Treasurers office so if you live out of county, and have a camper for instance you can redeem them a year from now at the Treasurer’s office.

It is important to use up any stickers or redeem them ASAP because Earth Waste Metal will soon install scales, even bag scales where you will pay per pound for your bags. The new operator mentioned that he thought the price per bag kitchen waste would be around 15 cents per pound.

On 4/22/13 the Stations will start accepting cash or plastic payment. You will no longer need any stickers once you deplete your supply. The new operator hopes that there will not be any stickers used at the stations much beyond the first 30 days of operation. You will perform a “pay as you throw” and will not need to join a membership, etc.

The Town of Hartford Town Clerk will not sell any stickers beyond 4/20/13. The Town will not redeem any stickers as these should be used up at the Stations.

The stations will continue to run as they are now with the same separation of recyclables but with the following changes;
1) White goods like refrigerators, stoves and appliances will now be accepted as free disposal.
2) Large quantity of newspaper, cardboard, etc. over 500 lbs they will pay you for it. This should revive the old practice of boyscouts, etc. collecting newspapers to raise money.
3) The Stations will be open 6 days per week instead of 3 days.
4) Since they will offer more services, they expect to employ more persons than the County currently does. The workers will be on private payroll instead of County payroll.


3 Responses to “Transfer Station update”

    • supervisor


      Recyclables that you do now will remain the same as before with no charge. I was hoping that they would increase the plastic taken beyond just #1 and #2 but they do not want the yogurt cups, etc that are #4 and #5. Plastics other than #1 and #2 will still have to go into the bag of garbage just like you do now.

      Please continue to seperate your recycle items as you did before.

      If you have a large white good appliance like a refridgerator or washer, etc they will now take that for free because they will recycle it themselves.

      The Town will not sell any stickers beyond April 20th as these will soon become obselete.