Post Office survey or lack of it.

The following letter was mailed out to Hartford's citizens that do NOT live in the 12838 zip code.
Dear Hartford Citizen. Oct 2012
Recently, the United States Postal Service (USPS) sent the enclosed survey form to those
citizens living in the 12838 Hartford zip code area regarding reducing the operation of the Hartford Post
However. there are 5 zip codes that serve the citizens of Hartford. Many of Hartford's
citizens, who rely upon the Hartford Post Office to mail packages, buy stamps, etc. do not live
within the 12838 zip code area.
The 5 zip codes that serve Hartford's citizens are; Hartford 12838, Argyle 12809,
Granville 12832, Fort Ann 12827, and Salem 12865.
I spoke to Ms. Nadine Tremblay, Post Office Review Coordinator and requested that the
USPS expand the survey mailing to include those Hartford citizens that live outside the 12838 zip code.
The USPS refuses to do this as it does not fit within the Nationally set guidelines.
So I decided to do it for them and inform you of what is occurring.
Please take the time to fill out the enclosed survey form, or pick one up at the Postal counter and mail it to:
PO BOX 14950
ALBANY, NY 12212-4950
. .
Also, please attend the meeting the USPS has scheduled at the Hartford School Thursday
11/1/12 at 5 pm and speak up in order to allow your opinion to be heard.
Attached to this letter you will find a Resolution of the Hartford Town Board that I will
present to the USPS. You will also find the survey letter.
Regards, Dana

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