2012 Hartford Memorial Day Parade

Welcome to Hartford’s 2012 Memorial Day Parade.

Memorial Day is the day that we remember and honor those Veterans that gave the ultimate sacrifice to their County and died as a result of battle.

Today we are honored by the presence of President Abraham Lincoln. President Lincoln saw us through the gut wrenching Civil War years. Without his leadership and the ultimate sacrifices offered up by Hartford’s citizens, the nation as we know it might well be different today.

Mr. President, as you know, the men of Hartford answered your call to arms and served in Company E of the 123rd Regiment of the New York Volunteers. Hartford men also served in the 22nd Regiment, the 93rd Regiment, the 2nd Cavalry, the 44th Regiment, and the 96th Regiment.

By the end of the Civil War, 17 Hartford men had lost their lives. These men shall not be forgotten, and what better way to honor their sacrifices than to call out their names today.

Frank Archambault – killed at Culp’s Farm
John Bell – killed at Gettysburg
Byron Biggs – Killed at Chancellorsvill
Thomas Clark – Killed at Albany, Ga
Charles Covell – Killed aboard the USS Colorado
Lt. John Daicy – Killed at Peach Tree Creek
Thomas Dickinson – Killed at Whitehouse Landing
Adolphus Jeffway – Killed at Atlanta, Ga
John Minor – Killed at 2nd Bull Run
James Norton – Killed at Chancellorsville
John Patrick – Killed at Savannah
Hiram Thomas – Killed at Harper’s Ferry
Clark Waite – Killed at Jeffersonville
Capt. Norman Weer – Killed at Gettysburg
John Wright – Killed at Atlanta, Ga.
James Wythe – Killed at 1st Bull Run.

May God Bless these men and all of our heros who have fallen in battle for we must remember that Freedom is not Free. Dana

3 Responses to “2012 Hartford Memorial Day Parade”

  1. Chris Crowder

    I’m currently researching my ancestry (via ancestry.ca) and have encountered James Wythe (private, 22nd regiment). I’ve determined he was killed in action, Aug 29th 1862 at Groveton in the 2nd battle of Bull Run (not first). I’m curious as to what information, photos, etc. your museum may have of him, if any?

    • supervisor

      Chris, I will send you a separate email with the phone number of Peter Swano. Peter is the head of the Hartford Historical Society and can answer your questions about the museum.

  2. Joan Aldous

    Chris, My husband’s ancestor, Albert E. Higley, was James’ tent mate. His letters mention James and tells of him getting James’ things together to send back to his wife. Just recently I have foundnformation about James on Ancestry including photos of James, his wife and child and their home in Hartford.
    Joan Aldous