Too much Spam!

My Blogging New Year’s Resolution is to not let all the Spam I get discourage me from Posting info relevant to the Town of Hartford.

You may have noticed that my Postings have declined dramatically the last 6 months. That is because 99.9% of all the comments I get back are junk spam. Some do not even make grammatical sense and makes me wonder if they are a computer written substitution for a human.

I just deleted 104 Spam comments to this blog. There were 104 comments waiting to be reviewed and every single one of them was spam.

Hopefully real constituents read these posts even if they do not choose to comment., but a real comment from a real human every once in awhile, even if it is negative would be nice.  


3 Responses to “Too much Spam!”

    • supervisor

      Thank you. It took me about 4 days to get them out since I had to copy, fold, stuff, seal, stamp, and address about 1150 envelopes. Thankfully my wife helped. Mass mailings are not cheap since that one budget letter cost a little over $500 to mail out but I think the citizens of the town need to be informed about their taxes. There are many duplicate addresses if you own more than 1 parcel in Town. We tried to remove all of the duplicate addressed but I know a few got past us.
      This is my second budget and the second letter that I have mailed out. Even though the school regularly does this sort of thing, I do not think the Town ever has. Dana