In the recent past, I read the bylaws of the Hartford Youth Commission and noted that it states that all positions on that board that have a term about to expire needs to have that position publicly posted, even if the incumbent wishes to be re-appointed.

I thought that was a great idea and I want to bring it into all Town appointed positions for the purpose of transparency.

Even if the person who’s term is about to expire is the greatest thing since sliced bread, and there is no desire to appoint someone different, the position should still be publicly noticed. If for no other reason than to allow the public to gain the knowledge that an appointment is going on. This is transparency and we should not be afraid to let the public know what the heck is going on. This avoids any suspicion of “good old boy club” or closed society.

There are some expirations coming up on 12/31/10 for positions on various committees. At last Tuesday’s Town Board meeting I informed the public of this intent of mine and was asked by a man in the audience if this also covers singular positions that are subject to annual appointment by the Town Board or Supervisor. I did not think of that beforehand because I was thinking along the lines of committees but the question was a legitimate one and my answer was “well.. yes, why not”,  what is good for the Goose is good for the Gander.

Here is the list of what positions will expire on 12/31/10, even if the person wishes to “re-up”. Noted after each line is who appoints them;

Youth Commission Board3 year term: Krissy Stewart (Town  Board) 

Planning Board 7 year term: Philip Gibson (Town Board) 

Planning Board Chairman 1 year: Mike Sweezey (Town Board)   

Comprehensive Committee 3 yr term: Mike Sweezey, George Stokem, Chrys Nestle  (Town Board)   

Ad-Hoc Landfill Committee 1 yr term: Laura Chadwick, Thomas Abraham, George Stokem, Chris Lavin, John Holmes (Town Board)     

Court Clerk 1 yr term: Stephany Euber (Town Board/Justice)   

Enforcement Officer 1 yr term: Mark Miller (Town Board)      

Dog Control Officer 1 yr term: Ed Holland (Town Board)     

Attorney for the Town 1 yr term: Fitzgerald Morris Baker Firth PC  (Town Board)

Historian 1 yr term: Mike Armstrong (Supervisor)   

Supervisor’s Clerk / Budget Officer 1 yr term: Joel Carpenter, CPA (Supervisor)

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