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I notice that some comments to the blog have nothing to do with the post they are commenting on.  Maybe that is because there is not a post location where you can make a miscellaneous remark or comment. So, here it is…. I may regret it. Dana

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  1. Debi Barker-Downing

    I just want to thank Dana for talking with me concerning the County Transfer Stations. I am very skeptical of, and with the recent political season very sensitive to, “lip service” and “emotionally charged retoric”. I recieved none of this from Dana- I asked Why? and got true reasoning with a good basis for it. I also got some very good ideas from Dana concerning this issue. Hopefully he will put these things on his blog soon. For this is a potentially devisive issue–If you don’t ask and wait for an answer, before overreacting and closing yourself off. Not that you have to agree but, unlike the congress and state legislators,who fight and get nothing done because that would be giving in not cooperating, we live together and need to work together to make our communities what we want now and in the future.

    • supervisor

      Debi, thank you for your comment. I have rcvd many calls about this and only had to hang up on one person after he told me to get off my fat lazy ass!

      There was a County finance committee mtg today. Unlike what people may have heard, no real decisions are made in the various committees. Instead the committees vote up or down to send an item to the full Board of Supervisors. The true vote to do something happens at the monthy Board of Supervisors meeting.

      Anyway, after much discussion with me hounding those present about changing “business as usual” at the transfer stations, I voted to provide funding for the full 2011 year. Sticker price will be raised from $1.75 to $2.00. I do not think this is enough of an increase to insure that we will not again lose money but I was outvoted to go to $2.50 I will do all in my power to change the operation so that it at least breaks even and does not act as a budget drain. We cannot slap a 25 cent bag increase bandaid on this problem and forget about the problems because this would just be kicking the can down the road until next year. If private business can do this why does the county have to lose money? I have little faith in gov’t running much of anything as efficient as private but there must be an exception to the rule somewhere, right?

      Having 5 stations (Whitehall, Granville, Kingsbury, Greenwich, Jackson) in the county is not efficient. We need only 3 stations with one in the North (Granville), center (Kingsbury), and south (Greenwich). Why is there a station in both Jackson and Greenwich?? That is nuts.

      Speaking of nuts, it is crazy that you cannot buy stickers at the Transfer Stations. If it is because we do not trust the workers to sell them, then we need to fire those workers. Maybe a vending machine might work…

      Any business, if it wants to stay in business has to keep an eye on the money end. The money end is the bags of trash with stickers on them. There needs to be a man stationed where the trash bags are tossed in. I have heard that quite a few people keep stickers in there pockets and if the man is assisting a recycling customer then the trash bags get tossed in and the stickers stay in the pocket of the customer. We need to keep an eye on the till !!

      There is a new Superintendent of County Highways named Dick Wilson. Dick is in charge of DPW which is in charge of the Solid Waste. We need to give Dick a chance to turn the transfer stations around. For 2011 I will request to be put on the DPW committee so that the Transfer Stations will not be “out of sight, out of mind” until we face next years budget talks. Let us fix the problem now while the scare of “closing” is fresh in everyones mind. Let us be proactive throughout the whole year and not just wait to freak out when the county budget initially comes in at an 18% increase and we look to slash expenses.

      After today’s Finance meeting, the budget is now down to a 3.2% tax increase. We still need to get this down to zero. Dana

  2. george underwood

    I was told by one of the transfer station employees that on wednesday in the kingsbury station there are eight workers and two supervisors,but it is closed on wednesday! Ithink this among other operations need actual review not just lip service.

    • supervisor

      George, I have requested to be placed on the Recycling Advisory Board that is looking into ways to make the transfer station “make sense”. I have also requested to be placed on the County DPW committee for the coming year. I do not want to kick this can down the road like others hoping that it will become “out of sight, out of mind”. I am against the county being in this business but by god if we must remain in it, it better start working if I have anything to do with it. Go to another part of my blog called “trash talk” to read more. Dana

  3. Pete and I recently met with our assessor, Sandra
    Foley for help with the Star Program. Not only is she knowledgable and efficient she is delightful to work with. Hartford is fortunate to have her as well as Denise Petteys manning the Town office.

    • supervisor

      Theresa, dont you mean “womanning” the town office? Sandra, the new Assessor also keeps office hours at the Town Hall which is something new and helps to make her more available to the citizens. Sandra is there on Weds from 9am till Noon.

  4. Thomas Bain

    Hello, I am doing a search for my family history in the Washington County area, and a few leads take me to Hartford. Specifically I am looking for information on Andrew Bain, born in 1831, and his son, Andrew Bain, born in 1867. I am unable to get to the local cemetary to check grave sites as I am stationed in El Paso, TX, with the Army. The son also had a wife Sarah J. (Wiggins) Bain. Any information would be helpful, thank you.

    • supervisor

      Thomas, Thank you for the service you provide our country. Please go to the home page of this site and click on Departments, then click on Town Historian to find the contact info for Mike Armstrong. Mike should be able to assist you.

  5. Thomas Bain

    Thank you for the assistance, Mr. Armstrong had some useful information about my family. I’m proud to serve our great nation, and fine folks such as those that reside in Washington County. I look forward to someday soon retiring back to New York (21 years and counting so far).