Buy Local presentation at the Hartford Firehouse

Washington County Tourism Consultant Christine Hoffer will put on a presentation & roundtable workshop on Washington County Tourism & Buy Local Program at the Hartford Firehouse. The presentation will be on Weds 6/16/10 at 6pm.

The Firehouse is located at the intersection of State Route 40 and State Route 149 which is a little bit north of the Stewart’s Shop.

All Central Washington County (plus North and South) businesses are encouraged to attend to learn how they can attract and maximize revenue from shoppers. These shoppers can be either day tripping tourist or locals. 

Washington County Tourism has a lot of promotional knowledge and resources to help local businesses, but unless you know about them, it is difficult to take advantage of them. This presentation is an outreach by the Consultant to inform local businesses in the center of the County. 

A similar presentation will also be made in the North and South ends of the county so that all county businesses will have the opportunity to conveniently attend. 6/15/10 at the Whitehall Pavilion and 6/17/10 at the Greenwich Central School Media Center.

If you have not already done so, please visit the Washington County Tourism website