Farmers’ Market update

The Hartford Farmers’ Market is well on its way to becoming a reality.

A core group of persons that have showed interest from the very beginning met to draft Market Rules, Market Budget, Market Vendor Application form, and create a Board of Directors.

A press release has been issued to all the local papers announcing that the Market has been created and will be open Sundays 10am to 2pm from mid-May to mid-Oct. at the Hartford Firehouse.

The Hartford High School Graphic Design class is creating a Market logo.

Year 1 will be a little unusual because nothing tangible really exists yet.  By year 2 the Market should be running full ahead and the Board of Directors will be elected by the member vendors of the market.

A “Member Item” funding request has been made to Assemblyman Tony Jordan’s office but the State Budget mess leaves this request up in the air for now. Unfortunately the market does not have the luxury to wait. It will need start up money sooner rather than later. At the upcoming Town Board meeting on 4/13/10, The Market Board of Directors will request year 1 start up funds to get the market off the ground.

The Board of Directors for the Market year 1 are; Dana Haff – President (since this whole thing was my idea anyway), Pat Imbimbo – Market Manager, Andrea Wade – advertising & promotion, Emily DeBolt – Secretary/Treasurer, and Patty Happy – Board Member. 

If you support this market, please come to the Town Board meeting at 7pm Tuesday 4/13/10 and let us know.       Dana

23 Responses to “Farmers’ Market update”

  1. supervisor


    The Hartford Farmers’ Market organization is not a “for profit”. Any revenue the market organization raises from vendor membership dues and stall space rentals will be used to pay for future insurances, adverts, etc.

    I know we are fast slipping towards Socialism, but the last time I looked, this was still a capitalistic society. None of the Board of Directors’ of the market get any kind of salary. The Town’s Master Plan which is in its final draft stages calls for economic development for the town. A farmers’ market, while not generating revenue for the town gov’t does act as an economic engine for the town and its people. Why wouldnt the Town of Hartford encourage and support that? Dana

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