Americade coming to town

Normally, during Americade week some bikers just roar through town on their way to somewhere else.  Americade is getting so large that the organization needs to offer activities away from Lake George that the bikers can participate in.

So, they are planning a Scavenger Hunt, much like a Poker Run and asked me if Hartford would like to participate. This Scavenger Hunt will get the bikers to actually stop in town and take a minute to look around.

Three businesses (Lulu’s Diner, Dave Hick’s Sporting Goods, and Pole Valley Players Club) will have a special stamp to punch the bikers cards with. The bikers need to go to at least 8 out of the 10 towns participating to get their cards stamped.  On the last day the bikers return their stamped cards to Americade in order to qualify for some grand prize.  Americade will provide Red Banners for the businesses to help the bikers find them, along with a unique stamp.

The rules for the participating businesses are that they need to be biker friendly (decent size parking lot), serve no alcohol, and be open 9am to 5pm during Americade week.

The town most likely will not see much business from this scavenger hunt but it might help in the future for a biker to know where a local diner is, or where they can buy some gloves and bullets, or where they can rent some clubs and a cart.

Americade this year will run from Monday June 5th to Friday June 11th.


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