Hartford Farmer’s Market

During the recent campaign, I stressed that Hartford could use a Farmer’s Market. Our location, being dead center in the county makes Hartford a perfect venue for this. I have an agreement with the HVFC whereby a Farmer’s Market could be located in their back parking lot as long as there is a provision to keep the restrooms clean. The HVFC will donate access to their property free of charge. Mr. Pat Imbimbo of Granville has been the South Salem (Westchester Co.) Farmer’s Market Manager for the past 7 years and is willing to become the Manager if Hartford creates a Farmer’s Market. If we can do this, I think Sunday 10am-2pm would be a good schedule for the Market. The Market should be a “Producer Only” market meaning that you need to either grow it or make it to be a vendor. This will prevent the Market from becoming an undesirable Flea Market.  If you are interested, Pat will put on a presentation at the 3/9/10 7pm Town Board meeting. Dana

3 Responses to “Hartford Farmer’s Market”

  1. John Thomas

    I only have one concern, the scheduled time is when many of us would be going to church and that wouldn’t allow us to participate easily in the farmers market, is there a time-slot that would also work that isn’t on a Sunday morning?

  2. supervisor

    Unfortunately no. Saturdays are the most popular day for a Market but the FireHouse has committed to the ATV club using the back parking lot for trailers plus Saturdays are wedding days, etc. for hall rental. The Fire Dept graciously offered their back parking lot free of charge as long as we did not encroach upon Saturdays. 80% of Hartford’s citizens travel out of town for work therefore a weekday market would be a disaster. If the market were later in the day on Sunday then it would be too late for vendors to get home and prepare supper. With the hours being 10am to 2pm then the people going to church would have an opportunity either before church or after church to shop.