Memorial Day Parade 6pm Monday 5/30/16

Parade 2016

Town Wide Clean Up Day!


Lost dog Bella has been found.

I have heard a report that the missing Chihuahua named Bells (Pope Hill and Coach Rd area) has been found.

Hartford’s Internet Tower is up

Hartford’s Internet Tower (Hudson Valley Wireless Internet Service Provider) is up! It is a 120′ tall mono-pole type of tower. The next phase will be to get power to it which most likely will take about 30 days.


Free smoke alarms for Hartford citizens

Below is information about a ‘Home Fires’ program from the Adirondack Chapter of the American Red Cross that would result in a free smoke alarm installed in your home. Call the American Red Cross at 518-694-5121 or visit


Please help to find Bella, the missing Chihuahua

Please help find Bella. Here is a notice put out by its owner.

dog Pope&CoachLOST dog Argyle/Hartford….Coach Rd. and Pope Hill Rd.

Please spread the word.

Missing Coach Rd. and Pope Hill Rd. Argyle Hartford area please help us find her, she is a 4 pound chihuahua around 7 months old goes by Bella she took off 2 nights and we have been looking since there is a 300 dollar reward for her return ty all PM me or call 538-3139 ty all

Assemblywoman Woerner to hold a ‘Town Hall’ style open office in Hartford

Assemblywoman Carrie Woerner will hold a ‘Town Hall’ style of open office hours at the Hartford Town Hall on Sunday Feb 21 from 1-3pm. Please stop by if you have any concerns or issues you would like assistance with.

Carrie Press Release

County farmer workshop to be held in Hartford

Attention County farmers,

This is a reminder about a County Farmer workshop to assist in drafting a County Ag and Farmland Protection Plan.

Hartford was selected as a central meeting spot for all of the farmers in central and northern Washington County.

When: Monday Feb 8th Noon to 2pm (light lunch will be served)
Where: Hartford Town Hall
RSVP: 692-7285 or

Here is a press release describing the workshop. Dana

HARTFORD – W a s h i n g t o n County is in the process of updating its Agricultural and Farmland Protection Plan. The goal of the update is to generate a new list of goals and strategies to strengthen and support the local ag sector. We hope a few great ideas will rise to the top and we can pursue state funding to implement them. The Plan is only as good as the input received, so we truly need your ideas, challenges and possible solutions. The workshop is being held on: Monday, February 8th at Hartford Town Hall from noon until 2pm. A complimentary light lunch will be provided. All county farmers will be asked to participate in a brief survey asking for help to prioritize the identified goals and strategies that come out of these workshops, discussions and interviews. Everyone, including the general public, will have an opportunity to comment on the draft plan which is expected to be available later in 2016. The County received a state grant to update its plan and contracted with Agricultural Stewardship Association (ASA) to implement the grant. Please RSVP to ASA by emailing or by phone at 692-7285 at least a day before the workshop. For those farmers that cannot attend the meeting but would like to participate in either a phone or in-person interview or a brief survey, please contact Renee at ASA.

Save the Dates for February

Here is the list of what I have so far for February, please mark your calendars.

Feb 8th Monday Noon – 2pm @ Hartford Town Hall
Area meeting for County farmers to discuss pending Washington County Ag and Farmland Protection Plan.

Feb 9th Tuesday 7pm @ Town Board meeting
Public Hearing regarding the Hartford Volunteer Fire Co purchase of a new fire fighting vehicle.

Feb 21st Sunday 1pm – 3pm @ Hartford Town Hall
Assemblywoman Carrie Woerner will hold a ‘Town Hall’ style meeting to hear from constituents.

Feb 28th Sunday 3pm @ Yoked Parish Baptist Church, Hartford Main St
Hartford Food Pantry musical benefit.
Con Brio Performing Arts presents: Sariah Ashton – Soprano, Chame Blackburn – Cello, Douglas Bischoff – Accompanist. Prelude by the Yoked Parish Hand Bell Choir. Admission by donation with 100% of donations going to the Hartford food pantry.

New idea for Hartford road signage

The below article from Thursdays Granville Sentinel may interest you regarding road signs on Town roads. If you live on a low traffic volume, all dirt road, a sign will be placed at the entrance to the road saying “No Traffic Signs”. BTW- All of Hartford’s roads that are 100% dirt are ‘low volume’ and the ATV club will reimburse the Town for the cost of the ATV signs. Dana

By Dan King

Hartford town officials have been talking lately about road signage policies and have come up with a way to save some time and money in doing so.

The town will no longer be putting up signs on roads within the town of Hartford that are considered “low volume dirt roads.” Instead, town highway Superintendent Greg Brown reported to the town board that he will be putting up signs that read “no traffic signs” on these less travelled roads.

“The signs take place of all signs on low volume dirt roads,” said Brown, explaining that this practice was in compliance with New York State Department of Transportation regulations.

“This makes it so we don’t have to put up signs along the road,” said Supervisor Dana Haff.

Brown said that the diamond- shaped yellow traffic signs will be placed at one end of the road if it is a dead end road or one sign at each end if it is a through road. The signage alleviates the town from the burden of putting up and maintaining traffic signs on roads that aren’t traveled frequently.

Eleven dead end roads will be marked with the yellow signs, they include, Wooddell Lane, Durkee Lane, Country Lane and Ext, Strainer Lane, Northup Lane, Hinck Lane, Swamp Lane, Eldridge Lane, Rojcewicz Lane, Gulf Lane and Smith Lane.

Each of those eleven roads will also receive one or two red diamond signs marking the end of the road, because they are all dead end roads.

Lundy Road, Scott Hill Road and Harper Hill Road will each be marked with two no traffic signs, and Halls Pond will receive two no traffic signs and a pavement ends sign.

Lilly Pond, Dick Hill Road and Brayton Road will all also receive pavement ends signs, warning motorists of a transition from pavement to dirt or gravel.

AT V signs

The town will also be signing roads that are part of the Foothills ATV Club Trail System, as a way to warn motorists that all-terrain vehicles may be travelling on the roads.

Rowe Hill Road, Washburn Hill Road, Halls Pond Road, Hastings Road and Blood Street will all be marked end-to-end with ATV signage.

Other roads that will be partially signed will include Burch Road, Dick Hill, Main Street, Warren Road and Gibbs Road.

Officials said the reason for marking these roads is to make it clear what roads are legally recognized as part of the Foothills ATV Club Trail System.

Councilwoman Barbara Beecher said she was concerned with the speeds of all terrain vehicles, but town officials reassured her that the guidelines for ATV speeds were made clear by the club.