Hartford Greenlight a Veteran program

Hartford Greenlight a Vet Program.
America’s veterans are some of our nation’s bravest, hardest-working men and women. However, it is often hard for our community to show them the appreciation they deserve.
When they are back home and out of uniform, they are more camouflaged than ever. Greenlight A Vet is a national campaign to establish visible local support for our veterans and to help them transition back into civilian life.
Please go to the Hartford Town Clerk’s office, Curt’s Auto Body, or The Hartford Tavern and get a free bulb while supplies last. Place it on your porch or somewhere visible and turn it on for the month of November.
These 48 bulbs have been donated by a Hartford Veteran and I have divided them up for distribution.
Once these bulbs are gone, there are more available locally at a steep discount from the Gibson Hardware store.
For more info, please go to www.greenlightavet.com

Youth Commission Vacancies

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Hartford Town Board has a vacancy for a Member on the Youth Commission.  The person appointed will be filling the unexpired term of the previous member through 12/31/20.
The Hartford Town Board has (2) two vacancies for Alternate Members on the Youth Commission.  The persons appointed will be filling the unexpired terms of the previous members through 12/31/16.
Any Hartford School District residents may submit letters of interest and qualifications to the Hartford Town Clerk, P.O. Box 214, Hartford, NY  12838.
PLEASE TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that all letters need to be submitted by noon on
November 4, 2016 in order to be considered at the Tuesday, November 8. 2016 Town Board meeting.
Signed:  Denise Petteys, RMC
Hartford Town Clerk
Dated:  October 26, 2016

Thaddeus the missing cat

If you live within a coupe miles of Blood Street, please check your garage and out buildings to see if Thaddeus accidentally got locked in. Here is her missing cat poster from Angelia Abbott. thaddeus-cat-2

Magic Show and Ice Cream Social

A Magic Show and Ice Cream Social for kids of all ages will be at the Fire House on Saturday. Click the link to see the poster. magic-show-pdf

Smart Phone App to alert you of Washington Co. emergencies

WCDPS – Mobile Application Press Release – 08.19.2016 This is from Washington County Dept. of Public Safety.

Looking to stay updated with emergency preparedness information and mobile access to local ​Washington County ​emergency alerts? ​There’s an app for that and we’re releasing it today!

Our mobile app is designed to keep our citizens, businesses, and visitors prepared for and alerted to emergencies​!!​ Our new mobile app is available for download free of charge from the iPhone and Google Play (Android) app stores. Users can receive county emergency alerts (push notifications) in the notifications on their smartphone​,​ App users can also help friends, family, and neighbors in their preparedness efforts via the “Share our App” feature.​ ​

​Check out our YouTube app video tutorial her​e for a quick look at our app​​: https://youtu.be/b-0J0vT04dg

Download our app​ free here​ today!​:
Apple Device: https://goo.gl/3SzeL8
Android Device: https://goo.gl/d8yZPZ
​A copy of our full Press Release ​with much more information ​regarding our mobile application is attached​ and has been posted on the county website here: ​https://ny-washingtoncounty.civicplus.com/CivicAlerts.aspx?AID=396

The program was funded through the use of Homeland Security funds from​ ​FEMA and the New York State Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Services allocated for citizen emergency preparedness initiatives. ​

The Public Safety team​

Timothy R. Hardy
Deputy Director, NY-CEM

518 update

518 area code – I attended the Public Service Commission presentation last night on the proposed plan to address the 518 area code issue and learned that of the two options presented (Overlay vs Geographic Split), the State and Feds heavily favor the overlay. The public present also heavily favored the overlay option. In fact since 2000, every time (four times) something like this has happened, the overlay option was chosen and they basically only offer the split option because they legally have to.

So I think it is pretty safe to assume that we will get the overlay option and everyone that has an existing 518 phone number will keep it and any new people will get the new area code.

The official decision will be made towards the end of this year and we should see some effect in about 18 months from now. One person suggested the new area code be 235, which is available, because that is also ADK which is an abbreviation for the Adirondacks.

The straw vote I collected on the options saw the #1 overlay option beat the #2 Split option by 2 to 1. 14 votes for Overlay and 6 votes for the split option.

518 Area Code will soon run out of numbers

The 518 area code will run out of numbers by the beginning of 2019.

There are two options being offered on how to address it and there will be a meeting put on by the NYS Public Service Commission at Glens Falls Crandall Library on Tues July 26th 5pm information meeting 6pm Public opinion hearing.

Option 1 Overlay: Overlay a new area code on top of the existing 518 area. Everyone that has a 518 number will keep it but all new numbers will have a new area code. But since there are two area codes servicing the same area everyone will have to dial the full 10 digit number with area code to call anyone else in the area. If you have 518 and your next door neighbor has 518, you will to dial 518 to call them. No matter who you call in our area you will have to use an area code.

Option 2 Geographic split: Split the 518 area and create a new area with a new area code based upon geography. This draws a line that runs SW to NE and runs through the southern portion of WashCo. This would have Salem in the northern portion with one area code and Greenwich/Cambridge in the southern portion with another area code. You would have to dial long distance to cross the line and they do not say yet who would keep 518 and who would be a new area code.

I plan on attending the meeting, so please reply back which you prefer option 1 or option 2 so I can voice our collective opinion.

Here is a link to see. Go down to appendix C to see the split on option 2



Summer of 2016 Civil War Enlistment Center and museum schedule

Here is the schedule for the summer of 2016 Civil War Enlistment Center and Museum hours.


Memorial Day Parade 6pm Monday 5/30/16

Parade 2016

Town Wide Clean Up Day!