Need a job?

Mr. Nick Marschhauser, a local recruiter for the U.S. Census Bureau has asked me to put the word out that the Bureau is hiring.  Many diff job titles are available with diff pay rates. For example, if you are over 18, have a car you can go out into the field and help residents fillout the survey for $13 per hour.  They need enumerators, crew leaders, etc.  If interested contact Nick and he can give you a test in the Town Hall. Nick assures me that the test is very easy.  Nick’s phone numbers are; Home 642-0506  Cell 744-1894 email     Tell him Dana sent you and your test score will start out with 50% just for putting your name on the test.

Velo Quebec Bicycle Tour

On August 8th, over 2000 touring Canadian bicycle riders will be passing thru Hartford. Velo Quebec with assistance from “Lakes to Locks Passage” has come up with a bicycle tour starting in Queensbury going all the way to St. Jean Riche, Canada. The route has the bikers starting in Queensbury, going thru  Hartford and then up Washington county towards Ticonderoga and Plattsburg and finally ending in St. Jean Riche. Hartford’s section of the tour will be on State Rt 149 and County Rt 17.  The path comes over the Rt 149 Kingsbury Barge Canal bridge,  follows Rt 149, then takes a left onto County Route 17 going towards Deweys Bridge Road in Ft. Ann.  The riders may stop and rest for a minute while enjoying Hartford’s scenery.  Please welcome the riders and show them some good old Hartford country hospitality.  Dana

Hartford Farmer’s Market

During the recent campaign, I stressed that Hartford could use a Farmer’s Market. Our location, being dead center in the county makes Hartford a perfect venue for this. I have an agreement with the HVFC whereby a Farmer’s Market could be located in their back parking lot as long as there is a provision to keep the restrooms clean. The HVFC will donate access to their property free of charge. Mr. Pat Imbimbo of Granville has been the South Salem (Westchester Co.) Farmer’s Market Manager for the past 7 years and is willing to become the Manager if Hartford creates a Farmer’s Market. If we can do this, I think Sunday 10am-2pm would be a good schedule for the Market. The Market should be a “Producer Only” market meaning that you need to either grow it or make it to be a vendor. This will prevent the Market from becoming an undesirable Flea Market.  If you are interested, Pat will put on a presentation at the 3/9/10 7pm Town Board meeting. Dana

Welcome to the Supervisor’s weblog (blog)


As Supervisor, I feel that the most important function I can perform is to represent the citizens of the town. Often times, the same old faces show up at Town Board meetings and are the only ones heard. Perhaps with the internet mode of communication, a more diverse citizen audience can now be heard as well.  Bloggers often sign on with anonymous “handles”. However, to better represent Hartford’s citizens it is imperative to know who you actually are. Therefore, please use you real name. The incoming comments will first be reviewed for content before they are posted on this site…. so please do not “shout” or use offensive language. Negative comments about me or local government are allowable as long as they are civil.    Dana