Local firefighters deserve praise

This letter to the Editor was in this week’s Granville Sentinel and Post Star newspapers.

Editor: The fire in Hartford that occurred at the Tyler Dairy Farm on Saturday, Jan. 6 shows the importance of local fire companies and the Washington County Fire Control Mutual Aid System.

Most of the fire companies in Washington County are volunteer. Dedicated men and women that are not compensated one penny, but yet out of dedication for their community, leap into action without hesitation. In the case of the Tyler Farm fire, this meant turning out in 20 below zero weather.

Fire pond water that is drafted onto tankers this time of year is just a few degrees above freezing to start with and once it is exposed to 20 below zero temps only takes a few minutes to slush up and freeze inside the various apparatuses. Not to mention what happens to the fingers and toes of the firefighters.

The Hartford Volunteer Fire Company and 22 other fire companies responded to the fire. The extremely cold weather took its toll on firefighters and equipment, but in the end they were able to save the main milking barn and most of the animals against overwhelming odds. I believe the only thing that saved the farm that day was the sheer determination of those involved, including neighbors and farming friends that tended to the herd. The Town Highway Department kept a sander truck on scene to keep the road sanded for the firefighters.

Besides the brave men and women of the Hartford Volunteer Fire Company, I would like to thank the other mutual aid companies from Washington County, Warren County, Saratoga County and Vermont that responded; Fort Ann, North Granville, Argyle, Kingsbury, West Fort Ann, Whitehall, Middle Granville, Granville Engine and Hose, Granville Hook and Ladder, Hebron, Cossayuna, Fort Edward, Salem, Middle Falls, Greenwich, Hudson Falls, South Queensbury, Bay Ridge, South Glens Falls, West Pawlet, Pawlet and Poultney.

Dana Haff – Hartford Supervisor