November 22, 2016

Town of Hartford Planning Board
Tuesday, November 22, 2016
Members Present Members Absent
Chairman: Michael Swezey Chairman:
Vice Chairman: Gary Burch Vice Chairman:
Secretary: Philip Gibson Secretary:
Clerk: Clerk: Randy White
Member: Ron Combs Member:
Member: Chris Debolt Member:
Member: Member: Bob Oreschnick
Alternate: Patty Happy Alternate:
Alternate: Alternate:

Also Present
Town Attorney: Mary Ellen Stockwell
Code Enforcmt: Mark Miller

Meeting Opened: 7:01

Approval of Minutes from October 25, 2016

Motion: Approve minutes as written.

Moved by: De Bolt Seconded by: Gibson

Ayes: 6 Nays: 0 Abstain: 0

Conversation regarding town board members training:
Mike Swezey brought up the subject of planning board training.
Mary Ellen Stockwell mentioned possible trainings on December 27th or December 28th
She will speak with Jeff. Training possibly in Fort Edward (fire dept) on December 27th.
Mary Ellen will reach out to Mike Swezey next week to let him know.
Conversation regarding Verizon cell tower:
Mike Sweezey asked Mary Ellen to call Verizon to see what they are doing about the cell tower.
He states that they were supposed to be up a year ago. He asked Mary Ellen to find out the
status of it.

First Up: Ronald Combs subdivision from last month- Application #16-7 :
Mike Swezey asked about the map and if we were ready to stamp it.
Ron Combs mentioned that he needed the SEQRA.
Map presented to be stamped.
Mary Ellen Stockwell mentioned that the required paperwork appears to have been received. Filled in
missing Acreage. Mary Ellen proceeded to read off SEQRAR questions to be answered by planning board.
Mary Ellen recommended, based the answers and information, to adopt a negative declaration.

Motion: To adopt a negative declaration.

Moved by: De Bolt Seconded by: Burch

Ayes: 5 Nays: 0 Abstain: 1

Motion to Open Public Hearing at 7:20pm

Motion to Close the Public Hearing at 7:21pm

Motion to accept subdivision as submitted – conditional upon payment of fees

Mylar was stamped and $50.00 Fee was submitted for one additional lot
Mylar to be filed by applicant with County within 60 days

Conversation regarding Charles White and his small business development
Mike Swezey commented that Charles (Chuckie) White was supposed to be at tonight’s meeting
Mike Swezey commented that Charles White appeared to be conducting an
unregistered business on Warren Road
Mike Swezey commented that he is not enforcement;he is reporting this Mark Miller

Next Up: Douglas Brown – Application # 16-9 / and Lance Durham (representing APEX Solar)
Mary Ellen Stockwell stated that, “for the record”, their office also represents APEX Solar Company
APEX Solar submitted letter for decommissioning the proposed 12.83kw ground mounted
photovoltaic array for Douglas Brown at 212 West Starbucks Lane, Fort Ann, NY, as requested
Proposed project is determined to be between homeowner and contractor
Questions regarding possible hazardous materials used, maintenance, decommissioning cost, etc.
were addressed by Lance Durham of APEX Solar Company

Question was raised whether to approve. Burch suggested that if we did approve it to let the town
be aware as we don’t have any guidelines to go on.
Conversation continued on the subject of solar panel removal and financial surity of the removal.

Motion to accept site plan and approve

Moved by: Gibson Seconded by: Burch

Ayes: 6 Nays: 0 Abstain: 0

Motion to Open Public Hearing at 7:30pm

Question regarding if SEQRA was needed
Public hearing left open to allow time for SEFER to be completed by Douglas Brown & Lance Durham

Next Up: Kathleen McFarlane – Boundary Line Adjustment- County Route 30 – Tax Map #: 141-3-28.1
Requesting to merge all parcels back together to give land to daughter, Amy Lane,
eliminating driveway, 50 ft right-away, creating two parcels
Discussion: Concern regarding landlocking back lot property
Map does not show lot 3 & 4?
Mary Ellen-Parcel 28.3 will not have road frontage if rightaway is taken away-will landlock property.
Suggestion by Mary Ellen – Approve upon the condition of the merging of the tax parcels
Conceptual approval submitting merger to real property pending mylar and language put on map

Motion to approve boundary line adjustment condition upon Mrs. McFarley submitting
a copy of the form that she applies for the county for – with accurate Mylar

Moved by: Swezey Seconded by: Burch

Ayes: 6 Nays: 0 Abstain: 0

Conversation: Needs form from the county/ Russ should be able to do map with language
Russ to do form/ Mary Ellen to do language/Mylar for whole property

Back to Public Hearing: Douglas Brown Solar Project Submitted Short Form SEQRA.

Motion to Close the Public Hearing at 8:05pm

Moved by: DeBolt Seconded by: Combs

Ayes: 6 Nays: 0 Abstain: 0

Declaration of SERFER – Part 2 – Recommendation of negative declaration (Mary Ellen Stockwell)

Motion to approve application pending condition – relative to decommissioning plan as submitted

Moved by: DeBolt Seconded by: Combs

Ayes: 6 Nays: 0 Abstain: 0

Joseph Happy Application for Subdivision – Tax# 150.-1-18.1 – Halls Pond Road

Application deemed exempt as between family members – Father and Mother to Son

Motion: To approve subdivision application as presented as transfer from a Mother and Father to their Son
conditioned on payment of $50 application fee and authorize Chairman and Clerk to sign Mylar when presented
if acceptable.

Moved by: DeBolt Seconded by: Burch

Ayes: 5 Nays: 0 Abstain: 1

Conversation: Mark Miller will go back over Chuckie Whites. Mark states that he has already discussed this
with Chuck White. Expected him to be at meeting tonight.Chuck has two car garage not insulated. Needs some
kind of plt or site plan to present to Board

Mark: Just a little statement about the Solar. Ted’s going to want a know what you’re actually doing about this
removal plan there. Recommended to go back to the Town Board and address with Town Board Dec. 13th.
Financial surity plan should be spelled out. This is facing all municipalities at this time.
Recommended: Go back with this is what was submitted and here is what we need help with.

Motion to call the meeting at 8:25pm

Moved by: Combs Seconded by: Burch

Motion passed unanimously.


Patty Happy