May 29, 2019

Town of Hartford Planning Board
Wednesday, May 29, 2019
Members  Members Absent:
Chairman:Michael SwezeyRobert Oreschnick
Vice Chairman:Patty HappyWilliam Cuddy
Secretary:Randy WhiteJennifer Perez
Member: Chris DeBolt
Member: Vito Cavallari
Also Present:
Alternate:Town Attorney  Jeff Meyer
Alternate:Stephen LeBlancCode EnforcementMark Miller
  Meeting Opened at7:00 PM with the Pledge of Allegiance.
Motion: Assign voting rights to alternate LeBlanc in the absence of Oreschnick.
Moved by:WhiteSeconded by:Swezey
Ayes: 5Nays:0
Approval of  April 23, 2019 meeting minutes.
Motion: Approve minutes as written.
Moved by:DeBoltSeconded by:Happy
Ayes: 6Nays:0 
Application#Applicant:Benjamin Burch
Parcel ID#151.-2-4.5 and 151.-2-4.10
Location:28 Big Burch Hill Road
Description:Correction of error: The applicant started the procedure to combine parcels 151.-2-4.5 and 151.-2-4.10 in 2014, however failed to complete the appropriate application, but did file map number 12605 with Washington County Real Property.  This year the sale of parcel 151.-2-4.10 was initiated and a title search discovered the discrepancy with the map on file. the owner believed there were still two seperate parcels due to the fact there were two seperate tax bills.  
Motion:Approve the subdivision as exempt. Mylar stamped and signed.
Moved by:SwezeySeconded by:LaBlanc
Ayes: 6Nays:0 
Application#Applicant:Kimberly LeRoy
Parcel ID#151.-2-13.2 & 13.3
Location:Washburn Hill Road
Description:Boundary line adjustment
Motion:Exempt the boundary line adjustment. Mylar stamped and signed. 
Moved by:DeBoltSeconded by:Swezey
Ayes: 6Nays:0 
Motion to close the meeting:  
Moved by:SwezeySeconded by:Happy
Ayes: 6Nays:0
Meeting Closed at7:25pm
Respectfully submitted,
Randy White
Secretary, Planning Board
Town of Hartford