July 13, 2021 Agenda

Tentative AGENDA  
Tuesday 7/13/2021
6:30 pm                       Audit the bills/invoices for the month
7:00 pm                       Open Meeting >>
Pledge of Allegiance.  
‘Moment of Silence’ for any recently deceased Hartford persons;      None known of   
Town Board attendance roll call                                      
(C) Authorize payment of bills.  
(D) Supervisor’s monthly financial report                                    
(E) Town Clerk’s Report.                                      
(F) Review of minutes as provided for: Town Board, Planning Board, and Youth                                                                       Commission                     
Public hearing or presentation: WWIDA information regarding the Town Resolution below for a PILOT/CHBP on the proposed Champlain Hudson Power Express High Voltage DC (1,250 mW) line from Canada to NYC, to be buried for 0.22 miles through the NW part of the Town of Hartford near the barge canal and rail road.                                                                
Public Comment: Brief comment period limited to 3 minutes per person on any of the agenda topics listed below. This is meant as a one-way comment period and provides the public the opportunity to be heard prior to the Board discussing and making decisions on the below agenda. The Town Board ‘hears’ only and normally does not respond with comments. Public Comment is subject to the Privilege of the Floor Parameters.
Information, Correspondence & Misc: (A) Town Wide Garage Sales 8/14 & 8/15 (B) Complaint about cows on Durkee Lane & discussion about Whitehall 2015 Local Law ref confinement of Domestic Animals, cattle and horses. 
Economic Development Info: (A) Dollar General update
County Info: (A) Assessment Roll info (B) County work group info ref ARPA funds
Old Business: (A) None
 New Business: (A) Resignation of Youth Commission member  (B) Civil Service title for “Cleaner” resolution (C) NYSLRS Standard Workday resolution (D) Information regarding any proposed future large scale solar farm site plan review application fee.
 Reports from various town officials and subcommittees as provided:      (A) Youth Commission   (B) Fire Company  (C) Highway  (D) Enforcement Officer (E) Historian  (F) Dog Control  (G) Court  (H) Parade  
Public Discussion: Brief discussion period limited to 5 minutes per person on any topic of relevance to the local government of the Town of Hartford. This is intended as a two-way discussion between the public and the Town Board. Public Discussion is subject to the Privilege of the Floor Parameters.  
Executive Session proposed: Personnel matters and litigation, and collective negotiation   Adjourn:  Next regular meeting scheduled for 7pm Tues Aug 10.   ________________________________________________________________________________________
*Note: This Agenda may be subject to change without notice.