January 24, 2017

Town of Hartford Planning Board
Tuesday January 24, 2017

Members Present Members Absent Michael Swezey
Chairman: Philip Gibson
Vice Chairman: Gary Burch Ron Combs
Secretary: Bob Oreschnick
Clerk: Randy White Patty Happy
Member: Amber Lindgren
Member: Chris DeBolt
Member: Also Present
Alternate: Town Attorney Jeff Myers
Alternate: Code Enforcement

Meeting opened: 7:17PM

Vice Chairman Burch opened the meeting to address the following:

1. Open the public hearing for Charles White, which is tabled until next meeting.

2. Authorization for posting of a public hearing notice for Appication #17-1 Sheryl Allen.

These actions by present members, were deemed appropriate and with in quidelines by Attorney Myers.
Meeting closed at 7:22PM with all in agreement.