February 25, 2014

Town of Hartford Planning Board Meeting

February 25, 214

Members Present:

Gary Burch, Vice Chairman

Phil Gibson

Leonard Moore

Michael Swezey, Chairman

Barry Goldstein

Bob Oreschnick

Chris DeBolt, Clerk/Alternate

Nancy Pillar, Alternate

Also Present:

Jeff Meyer, Attorney for the Town

Mark Miller, Enforcement Officer

Russel M. Wade, Representative for Oreschnick Site Plan Application

Members Absent:

Ron Combs



Vice Chairman Burch opened the meeting at 7:03p.m.


A moment of silence was observed to honor the passing of former board member Merritt Reynolds.


A motion was made by Moore, seconded by Oreschnick to approve the minutes of the January 28, 214 meeting as submitted. The motion passed unanimously.


Old Business:


Sandra Sawn:

Ms. Sawn appeared before the board as per the request made by the board at the previous meeting to discuss the operation of a new business at her property. Ms. Sawn updated the board on the nature of the new business. She is currently selling her crafts as she was doing previously, and has added the buying and selling of various other household goods. She hopes to add small furniture to the offerings once the weather is warmer and she can set up some of her wares outside of the barn in which the business is currently located. The hours of operation of the current business are 10am-5pm Tuesday through Sunday, although hours are usually shorter on Sundays.


The board expressed no concerns over the new business and agreed that this enterprise was covered under the approvals previously granted to Ms. Sawn, and therefore there was no formal action required of the Planning Board at this time.



New Business:



Oreschnick Site Plan: (Project #14-01)

Mr. Oreschnick has applied for a site plan approval to renovate the old red milk barn near the campsite on their property into a facility to be used to host weddings and conferences. He enlisted local building contractor Russel M. Wade to create drawings depicting the proposed renovations to the structure. Mr. Oreschnick and Mr. Wade outlined that the renovations will renovate the old barn, keep the existing exterior siding, completely redo the floor, adding new joists and footings as needed, conduct electrical upgrades, and the possible addition of insulation to the structure.


The board clarified with Mr. Oreschnick that the building will be used to house weddings, conferences and other like functions, but will not be used as a residence. Mr. Oreschnick stated that that was in fact the case. In addition, he added that the existing septic on site is more than sufficient to accommodate these types of events, and they may also offer some of their adjacent Yurts to the marriage party for use during or surrounding the event.


A motion was made by Vice Chairman Burch and seconded by Moore to accept the Site Plan Application of Mr. Oreschnick and to set a public hearing on said application for the March 25, 214 meeting of the Planning Board. The motion passed by unanimous roll call vote. Mr. Oreschnick recused himself from the voting.


Proposed Revisions to Local Laws:


Attorney Jeff Meyer presented the board with a number of proposed revisions to the Site Plan Review and Subdivision Laws for the Town of Hartford. These revisions were generated by the service E-Codes as part of the Town effort to centralize and codify all Town laws and ordinances.


Following a detailed discussion of all proposed revisions between the Board and Mr. Meyer, a motion was made by Oreschnick, and seconded by Vice Chairman Burch to approve the proposed revisions and recommendations as gone over with the Planning Board attorney, and to authorize the attorney to forward said revisions to the Town Board.


This motion passed by a unanimous roll call vote.


Old Business:



Motion made by Vice Chairman Burch, seconded by Oreschnick to adjourn the meeting was made at 7:47p.m. and passed unanimously.




Respectfully Submitted,

Chris DeBolt, Planning Board Clerk