Coaches Rules of Conduct

Hartford Youth Commission

Coaches Rules of Conduct

I hereby pledge to conduct myself in accordance with the Hartford Youth Commission Rules of Conduct:

1.    I understand this league is for the youth of the Community; it is a “Players” League not a coaches league.

2.    I will place the emotional and physical well being of the Hartford Youth Commission players ahead of any personal desire to win.  I will not unnecessarily run up the score against an opponent.

3.    I will treat each player as an individual and with respect.

4.    I will provide a safe playing situation for all players by emphasizing fundamentals, techniques, proper skills and sportsmanship.

5.    I will organize and attend practices so as to challenge, instruct, and prepare the players for success.

6.     I will notify players of all Hartford Youth Commission events and attend them, to the extent possible, including schedules games and practices, picture day and the end of season get together.

7.    I will provide an environment that will be free of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, and profanity.

8.    I will respect the opposing coaches and players.

9.    I will not argue calls with the game officials or referees or opposing team.  I will conduct myself calmly when discussing rule interpretation.

10.    I will be responsible for the actions of my teams coaches, players and spectators.

11.    I will abide by the Hartford Youth Commission playing rules, coaches rules of conduct and all Board policies, objectives and by-laws.

I understand that unsportsmanlike behavior can lead to my suspension from and possible forfeiture of a game.  I understand that violating the rules of conduct may also lead to my suspension.  I understand that in these instances I may be requires to appear before the Board to explain my actions and that the Board may take whatever action it deems necessary.

* The board reserves the right to release information to the Hartford Town Board.

Coaches Agreement

By signing below, I certify that I have read, understand, and agree to the following statements:

I have read the Code of Conduct, the Hartford Youth Commission playing Rules and regulations , and agree to adhere to all rules and regulations.
I certify that I am not purposely withholding anything about myself that could lead me to be unfit as a coach.
I understand that  my Coaching status can be terminated at any time for any reason.
I understand the Board has sole authority to enforce rules, policies and objectives and may at its sole discretion remove any coach from their position for any reason.
I give the Board permission to conduct a background check to the extent they find necessary.
I agree to release liability and hold harmless the Hartford Youth Commission, its officers and Board while engages in coaching activities.

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