December 27, 2016

Town of Hartford Planning Board
Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Members Present Members Absent
Chairman: Michael Swezey
Vice Chairman: Gary Burch
Secretary: Philip Gibson
Clerk: Randy White
Member: Ron Combs Also Present
Member: Chris DeBolt Town Attorney Jeff Myer
Member: Bob Oreschnick Code Enforcement
Alternate: Patty Happy
Alternate: Amber Lindgren

Meeting opened: 7:02pm

Reading / Approval of proceeding minutes. Month/Day/Year: November 22, 2016

Motion: Approve minutes as written.
Moved by Combs Seconded by Debolt

Ayes: 7 Nays: Abstain: 2

#16-10 Tax Parcel ID: 123.-1.25

Applicant: Charles White

Location: 212 Warren Road, Fort Ann, NY 12827

Description: Create a small business working from his garage.

Motion: Complete the required paperwork to include maps and drawings, for submision to the Planning Board for approval of the small business. Schedule a Public Hearing for January 24, 2017 meeting.

Moved by N/A Seconded by N/A

Ayes: Nays: Abstain:
Application# Tax Parcel ID: 132-2-38.6

Applicant: Verizon

Location: Dick Hill Road

Description: Project was halted do to discovery of an endanger species. Adjustments have been made to the access road , and they are requesting approval of the modification to the orginal site plan as indicated on the site map.

Motion: To approve the modification to the Site Plan

Moved by Combs Seconded by Oreschnick

Ayes: 7 Nays: Abstain:


Chairman Swezey posed a question on the sub division of the property owned by Sherri Allen on North Road. Would a public hearing be required for the dividing of the land? Answer is yes.

Discussion on the email from the Town Supervisor in regards to the approval of the Douglas Brown residential Solar Project.

A motion was made bu Combs, seconded by Oreschnick to adjorn the meeting at 8:08 PM. The motion passed unanimously.

Respectfully Submitted,

Randy White
Planning Board, Clerk.