August 26, 2014

Town of Hartford Planning Board Meeting

August 26, 2014

Members Present:

Phil Gibson

Michael Swezey, Chairman

Leonard Moore

Ron Combs

Chris DeBolt, Clerk/Alternate

Also Present:

Jeff Meyer, Attorney for the Town

Mark Miller, Code enforcement officer for the Town

Members Absent:

Gary Burch, Vice Chairman

Barry Goldstein

Bob Oreschnick

Nancy Pillar, Alternate


Chairman Swezey opened the meeting at 7:00p.m.

A motion was made by Moore, seconded by Combs to approve the minutes of July 22, 2014 meeting as submitted. The motion passed unanimously.

Old Business:


Rasweiler Property:

No communications were received by Mr. Meyer from Mr. Winn regarding this property.

New Business:

Hudson Valley Wireless Site Plan: (Project #14-07)

Mr. Jason Guzzo was present on behalf of Hudson Valley Wireless and discussed the proposed telecommunications tower located at 318 Shine Hill Road with the board. Several aspects of the project and the application were discussed.

Following this discussion, a motion was made by Combs, seconded by Moore to declare the proposed project as a Type I action under SEQR and to declare the Town of Hartford Planning Board as the Lead Agency, with no other involved agencies. This motion was passed by unanimous roll call vote.

After designating the project as a Type I action pursuant to SEQR, it was determined that the applicant must submit a completed long form EAF to the board prior to the next meeting as well as a more detailed plan view of the proposed location of the tower in relation to existing structures and surrounding features. Mr. Guzzo indicated that a long form EAF would be provided prior to the County Planning Board meeting scheduled for September 9, 2014, and that all other requested materials would be provided to the Town of Hartford Planning Board at their next scheduled meeting on September 23, 2014.

A motion was made by Combs, seconded by Gibson to deem the Site Plan Application of Hudson Valley Wireless for the construction of a 120’ telecommunications tower and 8’ by 8’ equipment shed to be complete, with the understanding that additional information would be forthcoming, to set the Public Hearing for said application for 7:00pm on September 23, 2014 in the offices of the Town of Hartford, and to refer the project for review by the Washington County Planning Board pursuant to section 239-m of the General Municipal Law as the project is located within 500 feet of an active agricultural operation within Washington County Consolidated Agricultural District number 6. The motion was passed by unanimous roll call vote.

At 7:45pm, a motion was made by Combs, seconded by Moore to adjourn the meeting. This motion passed by unanimous vote.

Respectfully submitted,

Chris DeBolt

Hartford Planning Board Clerk