Smart Phone App to alert you of Washington Co. emergencies

WCDPS – Mobile Application Press Release – 08.19.2016 This is from Washington County Dept. of Public Safety.

Looking to stay updated with emergency preparedness information and mobile access to local ​Washington County ​emergency alerts? ​There’s an app for that and we’re releasing it today!

Our mobile app is designed to keep our citizens, businesses, and visitors prepared for and alerted to emergencies​!!​ Our new mobile app is available for download free of charge from the iPhone and Google Play (Android) app stores. Users can receive county emergency alerts (push notifications) in the notifications on their smartphone​,​ App users can also help friends, family, and neighbors in their preparedness efforts via the “Share our App” feature.​ ​

​Check out our YouTube app video tutorial her​e for a quick look at our app​​:

Download our app​ free here​ today!​:
Apple Device:
Android Device:
​A copy of our full Press Release ​with much more information ​regarding our mobile application is attached​ and has been posted on the county website here: ​

The program was funded through the use of Homeland Security funds from​ ​FEMA and the New York State Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Services allocated for citizen emergency preparedness initiatives. ​

The Public Safety team​

Timothy R. Hardy
Deputy Director, NY-CEM