911 Disabled Persons Registry

The following legal notice will be place by the County. This allows the County Emergency Services Department to know where disabled persons live, and to be able to better respond in the even of a natural or civil disaster.

But Hartford’s citizens can hardly see these notices since the Official Papers of the County, where these notices are published are only in the North (Whitehall Times) and South (Eagle).

This notice is posted twice a year and may be of interest to Hartford so I will paste it below.


LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the Washington County Board of Supervisors on December 19, 2003 duly passed Resolution No. 360 entitled, “To Establish County Registry of Disabled Persons Pursuant to New York State Executive Law §23-a”. New York State Executive Law §23-a provides for establishment of a registry of disabled persons within a county and also provides the mechanism for implementation and enforcement. Establishment of such registry would enhance the ability of the County and its emergency and other service providers to respond in cases of natural or civil disaster within Washington County. Washington County has established such a registry and registry information can be obtained by contacting the Office for the Aging and Disabilities Resource Center, Washington County CARES, Washington County Municipal Center, 383 Broadway, Bldg. B., Fort Edward, NY 12828 or phone (518)746-2420. By Order of the Board of Supervisors Debra R. Prehoda, Clerk DATED: June 12, 2015 Fort Edward, New York