2014 Activity Log for the Hartford Volunteer Fire Co.

It is vitally important to Hartford’s local tax levy that the Hartford Volunteer Fire Company survives as a volunteer organization for as long as possible.

It is not easy to be a volunteer firefighter today as NY State imposes a large training burden upon them that is very time consuming. This is on top of the time spent responding to emergencies.

These volunteers drop everything to rush to the scene of an emergency to safeguard our property and lives, even at 3 am when it is below zero outside and they are asked to leave a comfortable warm bed.

The Hartford Volunteer Fire Co is a very dedicated group. If you have ever had to call 911 for an emergency, you were probably amazed at how quickly your yard filled up with pickup trucks and volunteers piling out minutes before the ambulance or fire engine arrived.

Zero of our tax dollar go towards any wages for this. Some day in the future, we will run out of volunteers and the town will have to pay wages for professionals on top of the contractual obligations for equipment, etc. This will be a day that taxes will skyrocket.

We need to work together In order to forestall and delay this inevitable day, we need to support the fire company any way we can, whether it be in becoming a volunteer, donation, or eating pancakes. Dana

Hartford Volunteer Fire Co
2014 Hartford Fire Company Activity

194 Total Incidents
4069.8 Total Man Hours

65 Fire Related Incidents
1321 Fire Related Man hours
129 EMS/First Response Incidents
196.8 EMS/First Response Man Hours

1487 Work Detail Man Hours
1035 Training Man Hours

1 Vehicle Fire
1 Chimney Fire
1 EMS Assist
3 Fire Alarm Activation
4 Structure Fire
7 Good Intent Call
7 Hazardous Condition
15 Motor Vehicle Accident
26 Mutual Aid Provided