Hartford’s Local Laws are now codified and available to view online.

A two year project to gather all of Hartford’s Local Laws and ordinances together, check them for obsolete language and determine if any of them conflict with each other has been completed.

They have been codified and are now available online in a format that is very user friendly for the public.

If you have a question about a Town local law, or even if the Town has one covering the subject you are interested in, you no longer have to go to the Town Hall and ask the Town Clerk to dig through her records. You can go online and see for yourself. The site even allows you to perform a search for a key word in case you do not know which law might be relevant.

The Planning Board’s Site Plan Review Law and Subdivision Law are also included.

To view the site, go to the Town of Hartford’s website www.hartfordny.com and in the upper toolbar, click on Codified Town Laws.