Eldridge Lane property sale to be approved on Friday 10/18/13

Below is the Resolution that will be voted upon at Friday’s Washington County Board of Supervisor’s meeting to sell the County owned 485 acres on Eldridge Lane.

This land, which was purchased in the early 90s amid very much controversy and ranker (which really never went away) between the Town and the County was meant to be used as a landfill for the ash that would come out of the Hudson Fall’s Burn Plant.

The landfill was never built because it was cheaper to ship it to an already built landfill plus Hartford held steadfast resistance to it. But the County kept it’s hands on the property all this time, keeping it off the tax rolls until now, or at least until Friday comes around.

In 2012 after the County refused to negotiate with the Town over a breach of a Host Package Agreement, the Town sued the County. In 2013 in order to avoid court action the County settled with the Town. In just the last few years, the County has paid over $135,000 to the Town and School district to make up for this breach and to continue its legal obligations to the Town.

If this resolution passes on Friday, which I have complete confidence that it will, it will end a 22 year black cloud over the Town of Hartford. The land will once again come back onto the tax rolls under the private ownership of Gary Fullerton. Mr. Fullerton is a local who owns two Dairy farms in Argyle.

The purchase price offered is $400,300.00 which is $300 more than the 2011 appraisal, so I think it is a no brainer to sell it.

The Fat Lady has not sung yet but she is in the wings warming up her vocal cords getting ready for Friday. If you wish to see some Hartford history in the making, come and attend the meeting located in WashCo Municipal Center, Fort Edward, Building B, 2nd floor Supervisor’s Chambers at 10am 10/18/13.

Decorum be damned, once the vote is done in the affirmative, I plan on cheering, please come and cheer with me!


Resolution No. 260 October 18, 2013
By Supervisors Campbell, Shay, Lindsay, Suprenant, Idleman, Hicks, Banks, Haff
TITLE: To Approve Sale of Land
WHEREAS, the following County-Owned parcels were auctioned online through Auctions International.com on September 23, 2013, for the price listed below, subject to the approval of the Board of Supervisors; now therefore be it
RESOLVED, that the sale of the land to the person named and for the amount specified be and the same is hereby approved; and be it further
RESOLVED, the County Treasurer of this County, on receipt of full payment for same, execute and deliver Quitclaim Deeds to said person for land agreed to so purchase.

Successful Bidder Gary Fullerton
Town of Hartford Parcels ID 140.-1-1, 140.-1-1.2, 140.-1-1.4
Purchase Amount $400,300.00

BUDGET IMPACT STATEMENT: The anticipated revenue is $400,300 to be split equally between Warren and Washington County. There are no expenses to either county, if bids are accepted.