Painting the Town Barn

A few months ago Washington County Alternative Sentencing Director Mike Gray told the County Supervisors that they were looking for a fresh round of summer projects.

I asked if we could get the exterior of the Hartford Town Hall and Hartford Highway Garage painted since it has been many years and the green paint on it now is quite faded.

The Town supplies the primer, paint, brushes and the County provides the workers. The labor is free to the Town as this is a way for them to work off their court sentences.

This same program is how the Town painted the old wooden highway barn on Main Street a few years ago and had the Old Hartford Baptist Cemetery iron fence painted last year.

The workers started the Town Hall job yesterday, scraping the old paint, caulking windows, etc. Greg Brown, the Highway Superintendent anticipates the whole project might which will include surface preparation, 1 coat of grey primer and 2 coats of green finish with white trim may take up to 3 weeks.

So, for about $1,000 worth of material, The Town will get the whole building scraped, primed and painted. Besides looking pretty, it will also help to preserve the building. This is not some sloppy Tom Sawyer paint job because Alternative Sentencing work foreman Scott Lee is making sure that a high quality job is being performed. Paul Miller, owner of Fort Edward Supply Co. is graciously donating the use of his scaffold system so the painters can safely work up high.