Large fire simulation for Hartford

On Monday April 15th and Tuesday April 16th from 6:30 pm to 10 pm there will be training taking place in the back lot of the Hartford firehouse simulating an ethanol tanker fire.

The Washington County Haz-Mat team is stationed out of the Hartford firehouse.

NYS Office of Fire Protection and Control will be bringing in their flammable combustible liquids training truck. This is a tractor trailer tanker mocked up as an ethanol tanker. They will be able to set it on fire over and over again so that the firefighters can tackle different scenarios.

During this live burn training, there will be times of considerable fire load as well as heavy smoke which may be seen from some distance, this could cause concern for citizens not aware of the training since we are in the “burn ban” season, so please help spread the word.

Regards, Dana