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The Editor of the Eagle newspaper sent me this reply in my response to my Letter to the Editor. If there is an official Northern Washington County Newspaper and another official Southern Washington County Newspaper as Mr Wilkins suggests, then what are the “central” citizens supposed to read? The Post Star and Chronicle?  Dana.
Mr. Haff,
Thank you for your letter. Each year the county rotates the designation of legal newspaper between the 4 regional weekly county papers (The Eagle, Greenwich Journal, Granville Sentinel and Whitehall Times) and actually The Eagle was the legal newspaper in 2009 so I do need to fix the box on paper four (we updated our header that appears on all of faxes and other documents but overlooked the publishers box). This years “southern” legal paper is the Greenwich Journal and the “northern” is the Whitehall Times.
The Eagle’s main focus is the southern part of the county (similar to the Sentinel’s focus on Granville area news and the Journal’s focus on Greenwich, Salem and Argyle). As for the arrests we only put in the ones sent to us by the Sheriff’s Department and State Police and police reports about individuals who reside outside the southern part of county are placed in the general news section while those for residents of Greenwich, Salem, Jackson and Cambridge are placed in town section where they reside. I would love to put the paper in some of the northern outlets but I imagine their wouldn’t be much demand for it unless we covered more news from those areas which would be difficult at this time with just 1 full time staff person and 4 freelance reporters. We do have many readers in the northern part of the county but currently all of those sales are by subscritption.
Thank you for your feedback. Also, any time your town or any organization in Hartford has a news item they would like to have in The Eagle, it can be faxed or emailed and we will run it.
Eric Wilkins
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