Town Board Meeting Agenda

The Agenda for regularly scheduled Town Board Meetings will now be posted on the Town’s Website. I will try to have the agenda posted by the Friday immediately before the Tuesday meeting. The regular Town Board meetings are always the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7pm in the Town Hall. In order to navigate to the agenda, go back to the home page, find PAGES in the upper left hand corner and click on DEPARTMENT. Then click on TOWN BOARD, then click on TOWN BOARD AGENDA. Hopefully you will see an item of interest on the agenda that will prompt you to attend the meeting.  Dana

3 Responses to “Town Board Meeting Agenda”

  1. Joanne Reaffel

    Re: 2/09/10 town mtg./purchase of land behind highway dept.

    Hi Dana:
    I didn’t want to stir up a bee’s nest unnecessarily. I am wondering are there plans for any future actions to be taken regarding the above issue. The few neighbors I’ve talked with do not agree with the idea of purchasing that land.

  2. supervisor


    There is no news at this date on that proposal. As you may remember, at the Feb meeting I was outvoted and the plan to send a letter to the land owners was approved. As of the March Town Board meeting there was no reply so it was not on the agenda. The offer made was for about $36,000 for 2 acres. The owner already turned this down last year and wanted quite a bit more. If you remember, at the Feb meeting, after I was outvoted I stated that this could be subject to a permissive referendum, meaning that if 5% of the total voters that voted in the last Govenor’s election signed a petition against it then it would go to the ballot box and could not simply be purchased by majority vote of the town board. I agree that it would be nice to have these 2 extra acres if it were priced at about $3,000 per acre. But, how on earth can we look the tax payers in the face, in this economy, if the Town Board is willing to spend upwards of $18,000 per acre for vacant hay field land right behind an ugly sand pile?